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Reverse Osmosis, Filter Press, Belt Press, Ozone, UV sales and service

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water treatment, Reverse Osmosis, Filter Press, Belt Press, Ozonation, UV

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Sales, Service and Consulting for water treatment systems in North America.
SoCal services all brands of equipment including; Reverse Osmosis, Filter Press, Belt Press, Ozone and UV equipment.

Water treatment equipment and servicing for manufacturing, food, energy and materials processing companies.

Specializing in…

  • Water Recycling
  • Water Reuse                                                              See Videos
  • Waste Water Treatment                                                 

GE's RePak* Integrated Tertiary UF/RO Reuse Package Plant:

The RePAK system combines GE’s vast technical experience in ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) into one integrated platform. The RePAK provides tertiary wastewater reuse.

With versatile configurations and compatible monitoring capabilities, the RePAK system reduces capital, installation, and operating expenses.

  • 35% reduction of footprint. The integrated UF/RO system has a single tank for CIP, back-pulse and break. This provides a 35% smaller footprint compared to traditional UF, RO and tank skids.
  • 10% reduction in installation costs. Your cost to install the PROPAK or RePAK is less than traditional ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems because of a reduction in interconnecting piping, pre-engineered skid footprints and connection points, and a pre-integrated control package.
  • One integrated control system. With a full suite of monitoring capabilities, the central PLC control offers full monitoring instrumentation and Ethernet connectivity

Call us if you would like to upgrade or optimize your water treatment systems. 40+ years of experience in industrial and commercial water treatment. SoCal has a staff with experience in process engineering, maintenance, machine design, controls and water treatment. We offer a variety of services, including shutdown and regular maintenance, machine rebuilding, installation, verification, piping, process controls and process automation, testing, training, and operation of equipment.

Check out our video of mining press discharging, this is real time!

SoCal has been incorporated as a California corporation since 2002 and is employee owned. Our goal is to provide a conscientious and valuable service to our customers.

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GE All SS Pharmacuetical ROTefsa Overhead Filter Presses

Los Angeles Pharmaceutical RO                                            California Solar Plant Filter Presses

Our Mission

We are SoCal...

Our business is founded on a history of fair dealings, and listening to our customers and employees. We believe our future growth is assured by honoring that commitment to excellence and by an ongoing adherence to our core values.

Winning Culture - We insist on integrity, honesty, respect and ethical behavior. We welcome and encourage diversity in all aspects of our business. We seek to raise the standard of living of our community through responsible stewardship.

Passionate People - We are empowered – every idea counts and every voice has a role. We are dedicated and realize the value of our collective efforts. We believe our strength comes from the relationships we have with each other, our customers and the communities we serve.

Valued Customers - We aim to delight our customers by partnering with them and responding to their needs. We know our success is only possible through increasing our customer’s productivity and profitability, thus ensuring their success as well as ours. We are committed to serving our customers through innovation, value creation, and the highest quality solutions.

Leadership - We lead by example, demonstrating our values in all circumstances and at all times. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving the results our stakeholders expect. We listen to and encourage one another and take pride in our work and accomplishments.

Your source for service, equipment sales, water and wastewater system optimization. Representatives for GE Water Reverse Osmosis, Tefsa Filter Presses and Belt Presses as well as Clearwater Ozonation and Advanced UV equipment.

SoCal Water Treatment Systems
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