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water treatment, Reverse Osmosis, Filter Press, Belt Press, Ozonation, UV

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UV Organic Destruction and Sterilization Systems

Ultraviolet light (UV) with wavelength shorter than 300 nanometers is extremely effective in killing microorganisms. The most effective sterilizing range of UV is within the C bandwidth (UVC - 253.7nm). This range - between 200nm and 280nm - is called germicidal UV bandwidth or UVC. UVC has extremely low penetrating ability and does not penetrate past the dead-cell layers of the skin. UV will cause eye irritations or burns after prolonged exposure.

Germicidal UV has been used in water disinfection systems for many years. As stated by the American Water Works Association, "... UV light disinfection process does not use chemicals. Microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and algae, are inactivated within seconds of UV light disinfection... Ultraviolet is effective in inactivating Cryptosporidium, while at the same time decreasing chlorinated disinfection by-products... U.S. cities currently using or planning to use UV light water disinfection include Seattle, WA, New York City, Central Lake County, IL, Albany, NY, Tempe, AZ ..."

Advanced UV, after 8 years of business we know these are the bestKey Benefits

  • Eliminates the use of chemicals.
  • Sanitizes and Disinfects.
  • Customizable skid configurations with full range of options and outputs
  • Can be used remove trace amounts of VOC's that are not able to be treated by other methods.

The UV light disinfection process does not use chemicals. Microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and algae, are inactivated within seconds of UV light disinfection, but all are not equally sensitive. Generally, viruses and algae are more resistant to disinfection by UV light. UV light is effective in inactivating Cryptosporidium, while at the same time decreasing chlorinated disinfection by-products. UV disinfection is used in air and water purification, sewage treatment, protection of food and beverages, and many other disinfection and sterilization processes. One major advantage of UV light disinfection is that it is capable of disinfecting water faster than chlorine, and without the need for retention tanks.

Broad spectrum lamps combined with oxidizers such as ozone and peroxide effectively reduce trace amounts of VOC's in treated water, these systems are called Advanced Oxidation or AOP systems.


UV Dosages required to kill organisms

Applications include...

Swimming pools

Installation of UV water purifiers reduces the use of chlorine as primary disinfectant for swimming pools and ensures hygienically pure water, free of chemical residue and by-products.

Drinking water

UV water purification can reduce, and in some cases replace, chlorine as primary drinking water disinfectant. Water sterilized with UV meets microbiological requirements according to drinking water regulations. UV water purification applications range from municipal to domestic water supplies and Vending machines water. UV is also used for preventing bacterial growth in water collection systems applicable in domestic rainwater collection systems.

Process / ultra-pure water

Process water for medical, pharmaceutical industries and electronics and semiconductors - process water disinfection and TOC (Total Organic Carbon) reduction is a quality control measure for ultrapure water applications in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and electronics industries and hospitals requiring exacting pure water standards for clinical applications and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Warm water systems

UV water purification systems are also used for sterilizing water in air-conditioning systems and preventing infection due to microorganisms in air humidifying systems. UV is used for control of Legionella with applications in hospitals, office buildings and large residential buildings.

Fish Farming and Aquaculture

Aquariums, Zoos, Aquaculture and Fish farms, Ornamental Ponds and Koi Ponds to control algae - Fish Farming/Aquaculture industry, to protect fish larvae from disease in hatcheries, to disinfect incoming water to the site and effluent from the farms.

Beverage & Bottled Water

Ultraviolet equipment provides an economical means of water disinfection for beverage and bottled water manufacturing facilities.

Municipal wastewater

UV is installed for disinfecting biologically treated wastewater in final effluent channels before discharge to the environment. The UV treatment of wastewater for re-use ensures that treated water meets the USEPA, EU or other wastewater disinfection standards.

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