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UHP-360 High Purity Deionization Unit for Point-Of-Use Applications

Ultra High Purity 18 mOhm water

The GE Water & Process Technologies UHP-360 provides a reliable supply of high purity water in a small, efficient package. These systems meet the needs of customers requiring a small volume of deionized water. (economically producing up to 4000 gallons per month) Since many small-volume water users also have critical space limitations, each GE UHP-360 system arrives pre-piped and pre-wired for easy installation. All major components of the system are mounted on a structural steel frame. Portable ion-exchange columns utilize hose connections that further ease installation and service of the UHP-360.

The UHP-360 has just three hard piping connections. Makeup and polish piping is constructed of solvent-welded, schedule 80 PVC and the unit’s electrical connection consists of 120-Volt power and signal from the storage tank. Standard configurations produce up to 12 gpm (57 lpm) of 18.2-megohm of ultra-high purity water with an option up to 24 gpm (90 lpm).

A warning light provides a visual indication of the makeup column effluent quality. A recirculating polishing loop, pressurized by a stainless steel centrifugal pump, provides a continuous supply of ultra-high purity water to the customer’s in-house loop. An integral backpressure regulator maintains this supply at a constant pressure.

Bacteria is controlled by a 25nm UV disinfection unit. Bacteria and other particulates are then trapped in the polishing postfilter, a 0.2 micron absolute cartridge made of polypropylene media. System effluent quality is continuously monitored on a temperature compensated resistivity monitor which is rack-mounted. Stainless steel pressure gauges are provided throughout to monitor pressures at all points within the UHP-360.

GE UHP-360 is a robust system that can be customized to meet a wide variety of applications. Whether you are struggling to find more water to hookup a new tool, or you simply need high purity water for a rinsing station, the UHP-360 is the perfect choice for hundreds of point-of-use applications.

Contact us to see how an UHP-360 can be incorporated into your system.

General Properties

Typical Applications

Features and BenefitsOptions
Wafer cleaningCompact designPP/PVDF/SS Piping; PE / PVDF storage tanks

Media preparation

Delivers high quality water

Nitrogen blanketing

Optical rinsing

Quick deliverySystem Redundancy
Reagent grade waterSimple and quick installation185 nm TOC Reduction UV
Chemical dilutionLow maintenance requirements

GE UHP Skids provide clear solutions for demanding industrial applications that require consistent water quality and performance. Each skid can be configured to incorporate:

Qualitative analysisExpandable to meet the needs of multiple industries and applications

Produces up to 18.2 megohm/cm electronic grade water

Increased capacity up to 24 gpm (90 lpm)
Feedwater to a still

PVC Piping

RO makeup and ultrafiltration
Temporary serviceEasy ServiceabilityMembrane degasification
Plating shops

Complete makeup or polish system with pre and post filtration and fully installed instrumentation

Sanitary design


Installing the UHP-360 is simple and fast. Units are shipped pre-assembled, plumbed and wired to expedite installation. The portable ion exchange bottles even incorporate quick disconnects to speed routine maintenance of the system. Every aspect of the UHP-360 has been well thought-out to maximize system uptime.

System Design

City water is purified by the UHP-360’s makeup system through activated carbon, filtration and mixed bed deionization columns. A stainless steel pump provides a continuous supply of water at a constant pressure of 50 psi. To help ensure a continuous supply of bacteria free water, a 254 nm ultraviolet disinfection unit and sub-micron absolute filters are utilized. Water quality is then monitored by online resistivity instrumentation to guarantee point-off-use quality.

System measures: W 32” D 36” H 72”

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